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Logitech K380 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
All series ORIGINAL logitech digital device direct supply
US$ 35.50
US$ 50.00


Height: 124 mm

Width: 279 millimeters

Depth: 16 millimeters

Weight: 423 grams (including battery)

technical specifications

Connection type: Classic Bluetooth (3.0)

Wireless range: 10 meters, wireless range varies depending on the environment and computing conditions

Custom application: supported by Logi Options+, suitable for Windows and macOS 2. Windows and macOS are supported, please visit logitech. com/optionsplus for download

Battery: 2 AAA batteries

Battery: 24 months

Indicator light (LED): Battery LED indicator light, 3 Bluetooth channel LED indicators

Special buttons: Hotkeys (Home, Back, Application Switch, Context Menu), Easy Switch ™

Connection/power supply: switch

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