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Logitech G102 Mouse
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Basic parameters

Listing time: October 2016

Applicable types of competitive games

Mouse Size Normal Mouse

Working mode Optoelectronics

Connection method wired

Mouse interface USB

6 keys

Roller direction bidirectional roller

technical parameter

Maximum resolution 8000dpi

Adjustable resolution in five gears

Key lifespan 10 million times

Ergonomic symmetrical design

Specification parameters

Mouse color black, white

Mouse wire length 2m

Mouse size 116.6 × sixty-two point one five × 38.2mm

Mouse weight 83g

Other parameters

Power supply mode USB power supply

The system supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

Other performance G102 adopts Delta Zero sensor technology, making movement in the game more accurate, with a tracking speed greater than 200IPS, greatly reducing the occurrence of "frame skipping" during rapid movement

The onboard ARM processor can help the engine improve tracking speed and also allow users to save and play back their favorite macro commands

The fast response speed of the mouse (125Hz/8ms) means that the response is almost synchronized with the moment the mouse moves or clicks

Other features: G102 has two individually customizable glare area logos and DPI indicator lights, which can be synchronized with other Logitech G RBG products. Equipped with a main button tension system, it shortens the pre stroke between the button cover and micro movement, reduces friction, and prolongs the service life of micro movement. Ultimately, it improves the touch and feedback response speed of button clicks

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